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Terms and Conditions

In these Terms and Conditions, the expression “We”, “Contactor”, “Us” and “Our” are reference to A Cut above Landscape & Tree Care Ltd. The expression “You”, “Client” or “Customer” are reference to the person, business, landowner, or governing body, appointing A Cut Above Landscape Services Ltd to undertake works. By accepting our quotation, you accept and agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of this agreement. In addition, when providing our services, you shall be subject to any guidelines or rules applicable to such services, this includes access arrangements and payment terms detailed below. We reserve the right to change or amend our Terms and Conditions at any time.


Are valid for 90 days from the written quotation provided. After this, we the contractor reserve the right to re-submit a quotation, amend the costs or withdraw our services. Although, we may choose the honour the initial cost of the quotation provided. The contracted price is based on the site conditions remaining unchanged from the time of the quote and for the duration of the works. Access to site must remain clear or as agreed at the time of quotation with the client and will be detailed within the individual quote if special arrangements have been made.


A 14 day cooling off period may be exercised by the client, whereby upon acceptance of a quote; you may choose to withdraw from the contract without penalty or cancellation fees by completing our cancellation form provided or in writing to; A Cut Above, 36 Millers Close, Northampton, NN74BA. Or Email to This period may be waivered under the instruction of Emergency Works or if requested that works be carried out within a nominated time frame which falls within the 14 day cool off period. The following terms apply to all cancellations: Up to 7 days before programmed works, cancellations are able to be made without penalty or fees by notification in writing to the above address or email provided. Within 7 days 20% of the overall cost of works is payable, you must cancel in writing to the above address or email. Within 24 hours of programmed works 50% of the overall cost of works is made payable, notification in this instance initially can be verbal, however written cancellation must still be provided to the above address or email. This is to cover the cost of mobilisation, labour and machinery hire costs. All above cancellation fees must be settled within 30 days of the cancellation date. Special considerations will be taken into account and percentages payable maybe lowered in exceptional circumstances entirely at our discretion.

Download Cancellation Form


Failure to provide clear access for the duration of works which results in periods of down-time or slowed progression may incur costs, it is the responsibility of the client to ensure access is made available at all times. Additional charges are to include hire of personnel and machinery if access cannot be made.

If keys are required to access site, this must be raised at time of quotation.

Please note it is important due to the nature of our work that emergency services can access our site at all times, failure to comply with this Health & Safety requirement may force us to cease works until access is made available, which may incur further charges.

Weather Conditions

Where scheduled works cannot meet deadlines due to factors outside of our control, we will not be held responsible, this includes but is not limited to adverse weather conditions, extreme heat or cold. Breakdown of machinery or equipment or unforeseen events.

Additional Works

Additional works from the client may be requested whilst on site on the day of works, this will be quoted verbally and if possible undertaken on the same day, if time allows and added to your invoice under additional works. If it is not possible to complete on the same day or if time does not allow, a written quotation will be provided with a view to re-visit. Costs may exceed that of initial costs quoted.

In some instances, it is requested that arising’s are left on site to minimise costs to clients or facilitate habitat. Eco piles or stacking of arising’s, once performed are considerably more difficult to dismantle than to create, therefore, if it is decided that arising’s are to be stacked and left. It may cost considerably more to dismantle and remove / chip the arising’s, than the costs that were initially proposed.

Identification of services

We accept no liability for damage to services caused as a result of work performed under contract to pipes, wires or cables or other wayleaves, or for any damage of the property as a result of not being provided with the relevant information or communication of identified services. The client, therefore, shall be solely liable for any such damage. It is requested that where services are unknown it be stated in writing for us to make our own enquiries.

Payment and Payments

Our Terms for payment for services rendered is 14 days, unless specified within the quotation provided.

Acceptance of Quotation

All quotes are provided free of charge with no obligation. The contract takes effect on acceptance by the client, either verbally or in writing of the quotation submitted to the client, by the contractor. We ask that all quotations over the value £500 are accepted in writing. We the contractor commits itself to executing the works to the best of our ability, thereby employing sound professional knowledge, skills and expertise with due regards to the client’s requirements as set out by the British Standards and all other relevant regulations and standards.